As an affordable option in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, fillings are proven to be a highly effective method for repairing the damage caused by tooth decay and fractures. Protecting the tooth from further damage and alleviating pain, composite resin, porcelain and silver amalgam fillings deliver a variety of benefits.

Using a composite of ceramic and plastic compounds, fillings mimic the natural appearance of teeth allowing patients the confidence of knowing that their fillings are indistinguishable from their other teeth. Providing superior bonding, composite fillings also preserve tooth structure, solidifying long-term stability.

Arguably one of the most common restorative dentistry procedures, fillings have enabled millions of patients to fully regain the use of their teeth and gums. Find out if you’re a candidate by scheduling your next oral health care assessment with Cottonwood Park Dental. We can’t wait to show you why so many of your friends and neighbors are switching to us for their dental care needs. Call now.